Sunday, August 18, 2013

Google Chromecast--A Review

Two weeks ago, we got the new Google Chromecast device. After a bit of trouble on setup (it's currently unsupportable on the Amazon Kindle and my main computer doesn't recognize it on the network because my computer is hard-wired to the router and not wireless), we got it to work by using my wife's laptop as the controlling computer.

We began by just testing it with some short Youtube videos, all of which worked just fine. Today, for the first time, we tried it with something longer--one of the Inspector Alleyn episodes available on Netflix. (Chromecast comes with a free three-month Netflix subscription.) The 90-minute video ran perfectly on our stuttering, no buffering, just a clean broadcast over our DSL connection.

So far, we're quite pleased. Google insists my computer should be able to find the Chromecast device on the net...but I've decided to stop trying to make that work. Google says they plan to make it work on Amazon devices in the near future (the problem is the somewhat wonky version of Android Amazon uses).

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