Thursday, August 15, 2013

Newsflash: Todd MacFarlane is a Sexist Moron

One of my favorite blogs (other than my own) is The Dish, from Andrew Sullivan...but I never expected to find him commenting on comic books. Even more surprisingly, to find that he (and those he quotes) have the same basic opinion of Todd MacFarlane that I have had for some 25 years.

Money quote:

Recently, Alyssa picked a bone with comic creator Todd MacFarlane over his claim that superhero comics are destined to be dominated by males because the form is inherently testosterone-driven:

McFarlane’s arguments, of course, ignore that superheroes don’t actually exist, and that the production of superhero comics is not actually a biological function determined by whatever bodies we’re born with.
 I first interviewed MacFarlane for Wizard around the time of the formation of Image Comics. He was an incoherent blowhard then; apparently he remains one today.

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