Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Doctor--Miliennial Hero?

I have been a fan of Doctor Who for something like 33 years. I first got a whiff of it when a former girlfriend went to the UK to study and began raving about it to me in letters. About a year later, it began running in syndication on US TV stations, starting with the first episodes starring Tom Baker, Doctor #4.

In time, I became the foremost writer about all things Who for Starlog magazine, and interviewed Jon Pertwee (#3), Tom Baker, Peter Davison (#5), and Colin Baker (#6), as well as then-producer John Nathan-Turner,  actor Anthony Ainley, who played arch-villain the Master in the 1980s, and the beloved Elisabeth Sladen, companion Sarah Jane Smith to Pertwee and Tom Baker.

So I know a little about this show, including the current very successful revival. My wife pointed me to this I mostly agree with. It's a nice look at how the current series fits in with today's fandom.

I have one quibble, and it's with this line:

....unlike the baby boomers who reacted to war by anointing a hero with a pistol and a big shield, the millennials prefer a skinny alien in a bow tie...

As a decided boomer, I have to ask who the hero is the author is speaking of? Not Captain America--he's a WW2-era character, not a '60s-'70s one (and he never carried a pistol, either). I've always figured Spider-Man as the epitome of the boomer-era heroes...the one who knows that "with great power comes great responsibility."

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