Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Theatrical Art

Last fall, I was behind the scenes in a theatrical production for the first time (other than set-building for the local high school). I was assistant director for Brighton Beach Memoirs at Players Club of Swarthmore, working with the talented Paul Kerrigan.

As part of my contribution to a remarkable cast, I did portraits of each of them in character. In addition to giving a separate print to each cast member, I did a montage of them all for Paul, which you see here.

I'll be working with Paul again, beginning next month, assisting him with Arms and the Man, by G.B. Shaw. I'll try to do the same thing for my cast this time, as well. I'm also considering trying my hand at directing alone, on PCS's Second Stage, where they do smaller productions.

Can anyone suggest a one-set play with four to eight characters?

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